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If you’re looking to book Walt Disney World with a Travel Agent who specializing in Disney then it’s a good idea to pre-qualify your agent with some questions.

Here are nine questions to ask a Disney Travel Agent you’re considering working with:

1. Do you charge a fee for your services?

Many agents do not charge any fees to help you plan and book your vacation to Walt Disney World, Disneyland and more. There are some services, however, that travel agents do charge for so be sure you know this ahead of time so you don’t get any surprise fees.

2. Is the price of booking with you the same as the Disney Travel site?

The answer should be yes! If it’s not then definitely keep looking. Travel Agents who book through the Disney Travel Agent website get access to the same pricing as you do.

3. What is your own experience with Disney travel locations?

While it’s your personal choice to decide if you’d like to hire someone with extensive travel experience you definitely want someone who’s familiar with the parks. A travel agent who’s booking Disney as their main job likely has some sort of special interest in Disney. Also you’ll want to work with someone who’s been to Disney locations recently as things change fast.

4. How do you help me with my Disney vacation?

Get clear on the services your travel agent who’s booking you into Disney. Do they answer all your questions? Do they give you tips and planning advice? Do they make sure you are set up with all the things you need or advice you on the things you need to do?

5. What training have you received?

Every agent who is registered with Disney Travel Agents (the Disney-owned website) has been trained and has a certificate for the College of Knowledge. If they don’t have this then do not work with them! Agents can also be trained by going to FAM trips which is where they will be trained on location about a certain aspect of the parks. In certain locations other training is needed to become a travel agent. For example you need a TICO certification in order to sell travel if you live in Ontario.

6. Why are you a travel agent specializing in Disney vacations?

I personally think it’s important to work with someone who’s passionate about booking your trip! Are they an agent who loves what they do? WHY did they pick this work? You might also look on their website or social profiles to see if you can get an answer to this question. There is a lot to learn about booking a trip to Walt Disney World and you want a travel agent who’s very dedicated to helping you have the best trip possible!

7. What are your social media profiles?

Speaking of social media you can also get a good idea if this is an agent you’d like to work with by going to their social media profile and taking a look! Do they seem like the kind of person you’d love to work with? If so great!

8. Do you work with a travel agency?

It is to your advantage that your travel agent is working with a team through a legitimate travel agency. If you are looking for feedback on a restaurant or ride or hotel that they haven’t personally experienced it’s likely someone on their team has. Also, if they have any kind of emergency or something that takes them away they have backup people to make sure your account is always taken care of.

9. Do you help me understand how to have the best vacation?

While it’s great when your travel agent who’s booking your trip to Walt Disney World helps you get set up you also need to know things. Things like how to book your character meals, where to find rope drop times, how to get to the parks, etc. Does your travel agent help you educate yourself so you’re not going in confused and bewildered when you get to the parks? You don’t want to get there and not know what to do.

I hope these questions to ask a Disney travel agent is helpful in creating the most perfect vacation for you!

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I’ll answer some of these questions for you in relation to my own services:

I’m a travel agent specializing in booking Walt Disney World Orlando. I work with an amazing team and agency at Playcation Travel. I’m very proud to be part of this dedicated team of agents who LOVE Disney like I do!

I do this job because I absolutely fell in LOVE with Walt Disney World after a trip taking my daughter. I was kind of dragged along… ever so reluctantly. I don’t love crowds, lines or coasters so it didn’t seem to have much for me. BOY was I oh so wrong! I feel completely in love with magic Disney has to offer when you show up in person at the parks. This is why I’m a travel agent specializing in Walt Disney World. I’m so excited to help you book your first or your next trip, though I have to say I especially love helping first-timers experience this one of a kind, magical vacation!

We do not charge fees for booking you into Walt Disney World for your hotel and tickets. I’ve personally been to Disney within the last 8 months and am going back in October 2024. The pricing is the same as the Disney website. I have been fully trained in the Disney College of Knowledge.

I help you with your vacation by speaking with you about your needs and recommending the best options for you and your family. This isn’t about MY perfect trip, it’s about yours! And yes absolutely I help you understand your trip so you can get to your resort and feel confident that you know what to do.

My social media accounts are:

If you’d like to get more information on booking a Disney vacation you can contact me here.

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